The purpose of the informal team of "Kazik i My" is an active practise and promotion of safe kayaking. To reach the purpose, we develop our skills and eagerly pass our knowledge to all interested in among others by taking part in the life of the paddlers. We take our page as a visiting-card and a presentation of each team member activity and as a tool to make us an easier contact with the paddlers society. We hope that the persons visiting this place join the team of our friends for whom the kayaking has become a passion.

Each of us was starting his adventure in different time and circumstances. Thanks to this, we were lucky to create from individuals a colorful and harmonious team of kayakers who race in marathons, swim long distances, try their forces in white water and on the sea. In 2004 we started the promotion of so called logjams kayaking that is based on an exploration of rivers of a high stage of being troublesome what goes from a large number of natural obstacles. In 2005 we started the realization of a next purpose. In cooperation with international organizations and clubs, with Magazyn Kajakowy WIOSŁO (Kayak Magazine "Paddle") and the sympathizers we promote sea kayaking in Poland.


   The hard core of the Team are:

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Kazik (KR) - leader and instructor of the team. In the 70's he started with kayaking trips in the clubs of PTTK LOT and Ursus - to be faithful all the time to his hobby. In 2004 he spent more than 100 days on rivers leading expeditions, taking part in competitions, learning others. Currently he is one of the best Polish amateurs starting in marathons.


Marek (MM) - thirty years ago he rowed a kayak for the first time as a student and next he went into climbing and speleology to return to kayaking a dozen or so years ago. It is he who has a pan gift and prepares reports on the majority of our expeditions. Amateur, fine-art photographer, excellent logistic of our expeditions.


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Leszek (LW) - in 1998 he started as a layman surrounded by kayaking veterans, have- been competitors, national team members of Poland. He was the leader of Kayak- Tourist Section of the Warsaw Kayaking Society.

Wojtek (WCh) called Szyper (Skipper) - his father took him for the first time to a kayaking trip more that 50 years ago. From that time on he is still on good terms with the kayak and he eagerly makes his experiences available.

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Marcin (MC) - in 2002 he bought a kayak and returned to the passion of youth. From that time on he tries his forces in logjams as well as in mountain and sea kayaking. The promotion of sea kayaking in Poland he takes as a purpose. A Member of the British Canoe Union.

Tomek (TH) - administrator of the page, an amateur of kayaking.

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Wojtek (WM)

Krzysztof (KS)


Sebastian (SF)

Karol (KM)


Marek (MCz)

Piotr (PO)


Zygmunt (ZF)




For the voice communication between us we use the "Skype" program; to start to work with it you should first install the program after downloading it from the manufacturer's page, accepting a name and entering a password. It is necessary to have a microphone and receivers to be connected to the computer.


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